Niche partitioning and spatial variation in abundance of Rock (Lagopus muta) and White-tailed Ptarmigan (L. leucura): a case of habitat selection at multiple scales

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    Wong, Mark
  • Climate change can affect habitat availability and species interactions at several spatial and temporal scales. I explored niche partitioning and spatial variation of Rock (Lagopus muta) and White-tailed Ptarmigan (L. leucura) in southwest Yukon. I examined habitat selection of foraging areas within a population and patches within foraging areas in a sympatric population of Rock and White-tailed Ptarmigan. At the larger foraging area scale, Rock Ptarmigan used areas with greater shrub cover compared to White-tailed Ptarmigan. At the smaller patch scale, both species selected patches with greater rock cover, but differed in other patch features. Second, I examined spatial variation in abundance of both ptarmigan species between the Ruby and Kluane Ranges using pellet count and transect surveys. Relative abundance was lower in the Kluane Range based on pellet counts, but transect surveys proved inadequate as a measure of population density. The Kluane Range also had fewer positive degree days above 0 ºC and a greater mean standard deviation of NDVI, and was composed of finer textured colluvium compared to the Ruby Range, which could influence relative abundance of ptarmigan.

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    Master of Science
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    • Hik, David (Biological Sciences)
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    • St. Clair, Colleen Cassady (Biological Sciences)
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