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Exploring Audiology Services in Alberta: Patient, Parent and Clinician PerspectivesExploring Audiology Services in Alberta: Patient, Parent and Clinician Perspectives

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  • This exploration study investigates whether or not barriers to audiology service access exist in the province of Alberta by means of 3 surveys. Surveys were divided in barrier-themes such as: distance to the audiologist, funding, wait lists/referrals. These surveys were available in audiology clinics across Alberta, and online. 18 adult, 20 caregiver and 21 audiologist surveys were completed. The analysis, limited to clinician perspective and one case study, reveals that no barrier was voted unanimous, but most were present: distance to audiologists, wait lists/referrals, funding, lack of audiology services, community and health care professionals’ awareness, and discrepancy in practices. Audiologists provided insight in the importance of awareness. They also provided insight regarding potential solutions to servicing remote areas (i.e. mobile audiology, increased salaries in rural regions, telepractice).

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