Estimation of Droplet Size and Temperature at which Solidification starts in a Drop Tube-Impulse System.

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  • D2 tool steel powders were produced using a drop tube-impulse atomization technique. In order to measure the radiant energy and droplet size of atomized D2 steel droplets, DPV-2000 (Tecnar Automation Ltée, St. Hubert Quebec, Canada) was utilized. In-situ velocity and droplet size of the atomized droplets were also measured using shadowgraphy technique (Sizing Master Shadow from LaVision GmbH in Gottingen, Germany). A 3D translation stage was designed, constructed and installed inside the drop tube system. DPV-2000 and shadowgraph were then mounted on the translation stage. Using this stage, online measurements were conducted at 4 cm, 18 cm and 28 cm distances below the crucible. Using liquid (fully undercooled) and semi-solid behavior of droplets, it was possible to estimate the droplet size and temperature at which solidification starts. These values were then confirmed by the thermal model using experimentally estimated primary phase undercooling values. It was concluded that DPV-2000 is not accurate enough to detect the amount of recalescence during solidification of the droplets as they fall. But, comparing to the results from the heat loss model, reasonable estimates were obtained for different particle sizes solidifying at different distances using online measurement tools.

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