Energetics of weightlifting and jump landing tasks

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    Moolyk, Amy Nicole
  • The objective of this research was to study the work performed and distribution of work across the lower extremity in various landing tasks. Ten women performed jump landing and weightlifting tasks recorded in a motion analysis laboratory. Joint angles and moments were determined, from which work performed at the hip, knee and ankle, was calculated. Greater foot plantarflexion and less leg dorsiflexion at impact was found in the jump landing tasks, which corresponded with increased ankle work performed. More knee work was observed in the weightlifting tasks, which was explained by a higher knee extensor net joint moment (NJM). The percentage contribution of the knee to total work performed was the highest for all tasks. This research highlights the importance of knee extensor strength for absorbing energies during landing. As the weightlifting tasks demonstrated the greatest knee work and NJMs, these exercises may be most effective for enhancing knee extensor strength.

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    Fall 2012
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    Master of Science
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