Prospective structured support and nanostructured active phase for oil upgrading

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    Chhabra, Arvind
  • Selective ring opening of naphthenic compounds is a preferred reaction to increase cetane number of fuels. Indan ring opening was studied using both structured and powdered catalysts. A structured support of Sintered Metal Fibers (SMF) filter materials (FeCrAl alloy) was surface-oxidized to form α-alumina whiskers. Practical conversions were achieved with Ir nanoparticles preformed in the presence of polyvinylpyrrolidone stabilizer. The SMF unique structure was found to eliminate mass and heat transfer limitations. Due to the low surface area of SMF, Ir nanoparticle agglomeration was observed. Temperature effects on the product yield and conversion were evaluated. The catalyst thermal pretreatment was shown to remove 81% of the Ir organic stabilizer. The study may pave the way to the development of structured catalysts with enhanced mass and heat transfer limitations for fast catalytic reactions requiring low loading of catalytically active phase.

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    Master of Science
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