Cuticle Micromorphology of Falcatifolium de Laubenfels (Podocarpaceae).

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  • Cuticle micromorphology of leaves from all five species of the Southern Hemisphere conifer genus Falcatifolium de Laubenfels (Podocarpaceaew) as studied with scanninge lectron microscopy. Both herbarium and preserved specimens were examined and showed no differences in micromorphology. External and internal features of abaxial and adaxial cuticles are characterized for the five species and compared to other known podocarps. External cuticle surfaces exhibit undulating surfaces that may reflect underlying epidermal cell outlines, stomatal plugs composed of irregular blocks, and fairly regular stomatal rows. Stomata are separated by one to three epidermal cells. Two lateral subsidiary cells are present with polar subsidiary cells usually lacking. There is a deep crease in subsidiary cell cuticle, smooth to slightly undulating cuticle on guard cell surfaces near the stoma, a ridge on guard cell cuticle, thin cuticular flanges between guard and subsidiary cells, polar extensions, nonsinuous epidermal cell outlines with cuticle extending to the hypodermis, more elongate epidermal cells between stomatal rows than within rows, and usually granular epidermal cell surfaces.

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    • Stockey, R.A., Ko, H., and Woltz, P. (1992). Cuticle Micromorphology of Falcatifolium de Laubenfels (Podocarpaceae). International Journal of Plant Sciences , Vol. 153, No. 4, 589-601