Ectomycorrhizal fungi at tree line in the Canadian Rockies

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  • Abstract: Sporocarps of fungi belonging to ectomycorrhizal genera were collected between 1993 and 1997 at two sites at the upper elevational limit of the subalpine forest in montane Alberta. Host plants include Abies lasiocarpa, Picea engelmannii, Larix lyallii, Betula glandulosum, and Dryas and Salix spp. Eighty one species in 29 genera and 13 families were collected, 22 of which are new records for Canada, 35 for western Canada and 40 for Alberta. The community of ectomycorrhizal fungi in the transition zone between the subalpine forest and the alpine zone was composed mainly of conifer associates. Arcto-alpine angiosperm associates and generalists were also present. Although the subalpine/alpine ecotone was richest in terms of ectotrophic plant genera, mycorrhizal fungi were richest in the subalpine forest. Taxa collected are annotated with information on host association and distribution, and are described where appropriate.

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    • G Kernaghan and RS Currah. (1998). Ectomycorrhizal fungi at tree line in the Canadian Rockies. Mycotaxon 69, 39-80.