Translating Mircea Eliade's "Ivan" from Romanian to English: A Triangular Approach Using the French Translation

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    Guyot, Alexandra
  • This thesis proposes an English translation of the Romanian short story "Ivan" by Mircea Eliade. Eliade is a renowned scholar and author, best known for his work A History of Religious Ideas (1978-1985). Part of his literary repertoire is the short story "Ivan" (1968), one of the few if not the only short stories by Mircea Eliade that have been translated into French, but not into English. The initial purpose of the French translation by Alain Paruit (1981) was to act as a relay translation for the defence committee. However, during the process of translation and commentary, the French version started acting like a first translation for my English retranslation. Mainly using Antoine Berman’s "Esquisse d'une méthode" (1995) as a theoretical framework, the commentary draws parallels between the process of translating “Ivan” into English and retranslation. As advised by Berman, the commentary presents the literary work and the people involved: it includes biographies for the author and the two translators, with focus on their literary horizons. The commentary focuses on three major translation categories, as identified during the process of translation, namely, the translation of proper names, the translation of the mots clefs words that Eliade favoured in his Romanian original, and an analysis of the characters of the short story, which illustrates the importance of proper representation of the protagonists as directed by the original story’s themes.

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    Spring 2018
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    Master of Arts
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