Integrating Language Services and the Alberta Education Curriculum

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  • Both academically and socially, the school context is a very language intensive environment. These language demands are amplified for students with language impairments. “Inclusion” is a growing force driving recent educational theory and policy. If students with language deficits are not properly supported once placed in inclusive classrooms, their academic and social achievement is jeopardized. SLPs can use their expertise to help to scaffold language demands found in the classroom. And when SLPs and teachers collaborate, the result often improves the educational experience of all students, not just those who struggle with language. In an effort to support interprofessional collaboration, an “SLP curriculum” was developed for use by classroom teachers and SLPs. The tool lists specific learner outcomes found in the Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, and English Language Arts Programs of Study for Grades K-3, and identifies the vocabulary, basic concepts, and other language skills embedded in the outcomes. An “other language skills” glossary and basic concept examples are both included in the appendices. Cases studies providing practical examples of the SLP curriculum’s utilization are also provided.

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