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  • There are growing concerns regarding student mental health and wellness across Canadian junior and senior high schools. Students’ symptoms of depression and anxiety continue to increase. With these growing needs, healthy coping mechanisms must be available and accessible for students and teachers. Mindfulness and meditation offers a potential coping mechanism in allowing students to emotionally self regulate and build resilience to stressors in their lives. The purpose of this project was to develop an online resource for educators which may be used to guide students through mindfulness practices in order to cope with mental health issues. The information on the website comes from an honest and authentic place; it is based on personal experiences around mindfulness techniques and the introduction of such techniques to students of various classes and age groups, mainly on a trial and error basis. The tips and tricks provided are based on real experiences with the hope that others may feel some additional support when embarking on a similar adventure.

    Integral pieces that support this website help highlight and summarize some of the key ideas and perspectives of mindfulness. In addition, the resource includes several additional links and resources for those interested in learning more about mindfulness, its history, and further training opportunities. Finally, the fundamentals of mindfulness outlined through the website are practically applied to current need in today’s schools. Schools which have begun to implement these practices are examined with discussion of the benefits observed. Contentions within this field are also addressed. As a means of support, this online resource has been developed for secondary teachers. In this site, teachers are provided with support in how to promote mindfulness in their classroom as well as teach mindfulness practices to their students.

    The significance of this project is that it is intended to provide a compilation of resources which may assist teachers with theoretical information as well as practical examples of how to offer support in the form of tangible mindfulness activities in the classroom. Support for teachers is offered in the form of tutorial audio clips, in order to provide them with the fundamentals of how to implement these practices in a classroom setting. With these supports in place, teachers are provided with a tool which will provide them with the potential of decreasing stress and anxiety in their own classrooms. Through these practices, students may have the capacity to engage independently in these techniques in their daily lives as a means of self-regulation.

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