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Al Oeming's Polar Park - decorator plate

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  • This is a souvenir plate from Al Oeming's Polar Park, which was a wildlife park that operated southeast of Edmonton. This image on the plate shows two polar bears on a blue ridged sea-ice background. The plate has a gold rim. The back of the plate reads "Al Oeming's Polar Park. The first of it's (sp) kind Polar Park is a very unique attraction situated just east of Edmonton. The park's primary concern is the preservation and breeding of animal species indigenous to the cold climate counries of the world. The owner and director of Polar Park is Dr. Al Oeming, a world-renowned zoologist, who has devoted his life to the conservation of animals from the four corners of the world, a task he performed with great success while operating the Alberta Game Farm - a predecessor of Polar Park. Dr. Oeming's specialty has always been the cold climate species and he has spent much time in the Arctic, studying them in their natural habitat. His television series "Man of the North" is seen internationally. 1982 Annual Limited Edition." A.F. Oeming signature. Decorator's mark: Canadian Made. Outline of Canadian Flag. AALCO Souvenirs. W. Vancouver B.C.

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