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Does the FamCHAT Tool Enhance the Ethno-Cultural Dimensions of Nursing Assessment at the Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH)?

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  • The RAH is located in one of Edmonton’s most ethnoculturally diverse neighbourhoods. Their interpretive service responds to >800 requests annually for > 30 languages. RAH staff requested identification and evaluation of a culturally-sensitive assessment tool suitable for enhancing nursing assessments. Identification of cultural needs is crucial during diagnosis, treatment and management of a health event, and for building and sustaining a positive provider-client relationship. Without culturally appropriate care, a negative trajectory of events may ensue ranging from simple miscommunication to life-threatening incidents. Numerous cultural assessment tools and models have been developed since the 1950’s, often based on the work by seminal theorist Leininger. The Family Cultural Heritage Assessment Tool (FamCHAT) was developed for use in primary care settings and has been empirically tested, although not in a hospital setting. After an integrative review, we consider the FamCHAT to be succinct, user-friendly, and having underpinning principles with high pertinence and transferability to acute/hospital settings.

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