Development of an Outreach School Learning Environment Survey

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  • Dropping out of high school negatively affects individuals and society. In today’s technological world, a high school diploma is often seen as the minimum standard of education an individual is expected to achieve. Thus, governments and educators continue to struggle with developing new solutions to combat the problem of early school leavers. One solution developed in the 1990’s was Outreach schools. Outreach schools were created to provide students who were unable or unwilling to attend traditional schools with a flexible educational alternative. However, not all students who register at an Outreach school achieve a high school diploma. Outreach schools are unique learning environments and there has been little research done on them. Numerous surveys are available to assess different types of learning environments, however, there are none that look specifically at Outreach learning environments. This paper describes the development and validation of the Outreach School Learning Environment Survey (OSLES), which can be used to analyze specific factors related to Outreach learning environments.

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