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Constraints On The Very Faint X-Ray Transient System M15 X-3

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    Arnason, Robin M
  • We present the first combined optical/X-ray observation of a very faint transient X-ray binary (VFXT), M15 X-3. Chandra observations constrain the source to be < 10^34 erg/s in all observations. The X-ray spectrum shows evidence of curvature, and is best fit by a broken power law with break energy E_break = 2.71+0.38 -0:05 keV, and power law indices of Gamma_1 = 1.25+0.02 -0.01 and Gamma_2 = 1.82+0.20 -0.02. Fitting the HST magnitudes of the optical counterpart suggests a power-law accretion disk and a main-sequence companion of size 0.440+0.035 -0:060 solar masses. This mass estimate is likely to be an upper limit since the short inferred period of P ~ 4 hr implies the companion is irradiated. This rules out several explanations for very faint transient behaviour for this source, and suggests a neutron star accretor experiencing inefficient accretion due to a propeller effect.

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