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Preceptorship and affirmation in the intergenerational world of nursing practice

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  • Research has shown that while preceptorship offers a reality-oriented learning environment and facilitates competence of students, there are inherent rewards and stressors associated with the experience. Students and preceptors can be from different generations, and as such, they may often come to the learning space with differing values and expectations. The nature of the preceptorship experience in this intergenerational context was explored in a recent phenomenological study with seven preceptors and seven nursing students in an undergraduate nursing programin Eastern Canada.Overall the experience was found to be inclusive of three main themes: being affirmed, being challenged, and being on a pedagogical journey. In this paper we explore the first of these themes, being affirmed. Highlighting the positive aspects of the preceptorship experience in the intergenerational context is necessary to promote a culture of openness and respect for generational differences within clinical nursing practice settings and to improving the overall quality of the educational experience.

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    • Foley, V., Myrick, F., and Yonge, O. (2012). Preceptorship and affirmation in the intergenerational world of nursing practice. Nursing Research and Practice, Article ID 572510, 1-10. doi:10.1155/2012/572510.