Insights into accessibility and the barriers to resources according to emerging adults who frequent the CHEW Project

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  • In this research, I asked emerging adults who attended a downtown drop-in center (CHEW - Community, Health, Empowerment, and Wellness - Project) for their insight into accessibility and barriers to resources in Edmonton. Originally, I planned on conducting individual interviews with the participants; however, working with a young adult population, I found it difficult to get participants to engage, and switched to a more informal, conversational approach. Participants’ informal conversations were analyzed using thematic analysis (Braun & Clarke, 2006) in order to determine unique and shared experiences between them. The results indicated recurring themes of feeling safe, lacking agency, loss of supports, and transactional culture. I have found
    consistencies with the existing literature regarding the barriers the participants have faced. In addition, I make recommendations for assisting vulnerable, at-risk, emerging adults according to
    their perceptions of approaches that meet their needs and are accessible.

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