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Re-Packing My Library: A Collection in Understanding

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  • “Re-Packing my Library” depicts the collection process that goes into writing a dissertation. It shows a collection of books, papers, pamphlets, programs, and notes amassed over three years of research packed (once again) hastily into my father’s old bag the night before yet another departure. Taken in my small Munich apartment, this picture shows material collected over the past three years about the Swiss-German director Milo Rau and his production company, the International Institute of Political Murder, for my dissertation. The documents in and around the suitcase are the result of the numerous research trips to performances, political actions, conferences, lectures, and interviews that have taken me – and my battered suitcase – across Europe. These research trips have helped me understand Rau’s theatre – his political aesthetic, complex themes, and directorial choices – and has given me a greater respect for Rau’s research trips (to Moscow, Bukavu, Kigali, Bucharest) in his near-obsessive search to understand war, genocide, and justice. The collection of papers and books spilling out of the suitcase are a reminder of late nights, cheap hotels, long waits at airports, and even longer train rides, but also the physical, material proof of my own obsessive, international search for understanding. // Program of study: PhD // Faculty/Department: Drama // Place of creation: Munich, Germany // Award: Honourable Mention, Images of Research Competition 2019

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