One week of daily voluntary apnoea training does not alter acute hypoxic ventilatory response or erythropoietin concentration in healthy males

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    Gillespie, Erin
  • Exposure to intermittent hypoxia (IH) increases ventilatory chemosensitivity and various haematological parameters. It is unknown whether voluntary apnoea training can be used as a model of IH to produce similar physiological effects. It was hypothesized that seven days of voluntary apnoea training would increase the acute hypoxic ventilatory response (HVR), erythropoietin concentration ([EPO]), haemoglobin (Hb), haematocrit (Hct) and VO2max. No significant (P > 0.05) differences were found in HVR (0.59 ± 0.24 vs. 0.54 ± 0.27 L.min-1.%-1), VO2max (48.4 ± 7.8 vs. 48.5 ± 6.8 or [EPO], Hct, and Hb were not different across all time points (EPO: 7.5 ± 2.6 vs. 6.5 ± 2.5 mIU.mL-1, Hct: 45.0 ± 2.3 vs. 45.7 ± 3.4%, Hb: 14.9 ± 2.46 vs. 14.2 ± 3.37 g.100mL-1) for first and last measures, respectively. These findings indicate that seven days of daily voluntary apnoea training, does not alter HVR, [EPO], [Hb] or Hct.

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