An Extensible Query Optimizer Architecture for the TIGUKAT Objectbase Management System

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  • Technical report TR94-01. Objectbase Management Systems are expected to serve data management needs of a wide range of application domains with possibly different query optimization requirements, creating the need of extensibility in the query optimizer to be able to handle the diversity of those requirements. This thesis describes the development of an extensible query optimizer architecture for the TIGUKAT Objectbase Management System, which has a uniform behavioral object model DBMS that represents every system component as a first-class object. Consistent with this philosophy, every component of the optimizer is modeled as a first-class object, providing the ultimate extensibility that the object-oriented paradigm offers. This thesis also describes how the optimizer components are modeled as extensions of the TIGUKAT type system. | TRID-ID TR94-01

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    Attribution 3.0 International