High Resolution Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of Molecular Complexes Containing Water and Ammonia

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    Liu, Xunchen
  • In this thesis, the results of high resolution molecular spectroscopic studies of several prototype molecular complexes containing either water or ammonia molecule and the instrumentation development of an infrared spectrometer which is used to carry out the main part of the experimental work are reported.
    Quantum Cascade Lasers are utilized as the infrared light source for the infrared spectrometer. To increase the sensitivity and resolution of the spectrometer, several spectroscopic techniques such as cavity enhanced absorption and frequency modulation techniques are evaluated. The rapid scan techniques with an astigmatic multipass cell is found to be the most suitable combination to measure the bending modes of the water or ammonia in the 6 micron region.
    Several prototype molecular complexes held together by intermolecular hydrogen bond or van der Waals forces are investigated. The microwave spectra of four conformers of the 2-fluoroethanol complex are measured to investigate the self-recognition effects of the transient chiral molecules. The binary Ar-H2O complex is extensively investigated to identify a number of previously unidentified internal rotor states, which are modeled by the pseudo-diatomic Hamiltonian with Fermi resonance and Coriolis coupling terms. Spectra of the related van der Waals complexes including the Ne-H2O, Ar-NH3, and Ne-NH3 complexes are also studied. The high resolution infrared spectra and the microwave spectra of the HCCH-NH3 and OCS-NH3 complexes reveal that the structure of both complexes are C3v symmetric semi-rigid rotors, which provides a unique opportunity to compare the weak C-H-N hydrogen bond interaction and S-N bond. The high resolution infrared spectra of the propylene oxide-(water)N complexes are measured in order to elucidate the sequential solvation of a chiral molecule and to aid in the interpretation of chirality transfer events observed in aqueous solutions of chiral molecules.

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    Spring 2013
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    Doctor of Philosophy
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    University of Alberta
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    • Hegmann, Frank (Physics)
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    • Wasylishen, Roderick (Chemistry)
    • Hanna, Gabriel (Chemistry)
    • Serpe, Michael (Chemistry)