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Digital Knowledge Translation to Cover Vast Canadian Landscapes

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  • In Canada, there is growing recognition of knowledge translation: the dissemination of research results towards application/utilization. Currently, knowledge translation outputs are defined by journal articles or academic conferences. Both may pose barriers for non-academics or community members wishing to access research knowledge.

    Towards Canadian's equitable access to research, how can digital media be utilized as supportive, alternative platforms? While digital media is often posited as entertainment, there is increased use of digital media in its many forms - films, serious games, virtual reality - to provide information, even in medical school education (Gorbanev, 2018).

    I wish to understand how digital media can improve access to information for all Canadians - being especially inclusive to those who are indigenous, living in remote communities, and living with (dis)abilities.

    This image uses emerging technology to illustrate digital knowledge translation. With massive literature containing information which could benefit communities, I wish to bring information to life digitally, letting research freely visit every corner of Canada - our home and native land.

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    Images of Research Competition 2023