A conceptual framework for the prevention and detection of occupational fraud in small businesses

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  • This research paper develops a conceptual framework for internal control, suitable for small business owners, to guide the effective selection and implementation of internal controls that help prevent and detect occupational fraud. Although the de facto internal control framework, the Committee of Sponsoring Organization's (COSO) Internal Control - Integrated Framework (1992), appears to be suitable for large businesses, this research argues that it is unsuitable for small businesses, due both to the resource constraints of small businesses, and the design and intended purpose of the COSO framework. The conceptual framework is risk-based, allowing small business owners to tailor it to their environment in order to ensure that their specific risks are addressed. It also employs a defense-in-depth approach by improving confidentiality, integrity and availability at various levels by highlighting preventive, detective and corrective
    controls in administrative, operational and technical layers.

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