Citizen Perspectives on Energy Issues in Canada: A National Survey of Energy Literacy and Energy Citizenship

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  • This national survey explores public perspectives on energy issues in Canada with a focus on
    preferences for energy sources, perceived and actual knowledge of energy systems, trust in
    energy-related organizations and sources of knowledge about energy issues. The survey also
    explores willingness to engage in energy related issues and general values and beliefs about
    energy systems. Conducted in the Fall of 2014, 3,000 respondents were randomly selected from
    an internet-based panel with quotas for gender, age, region, education, income, language and
    urban/rural differences. Survey results show that support for renewable energy sources is strong
    and awareness of energy saving options is also high. Regarding energy citizenship, although
    awareness of opportunities to participate in energy-related discussions is moderate, levels of
    participation are very low. Canadians express strong values toward environmental protection
    compared to explicit utilitarian uses of the environment and they worry that human interference
    with nature can produce disastrous consequences. Finally, policy considerations are provided to
    advance literacy and civic engagement on energy issues.

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