Exploiting vulnerabilities of Metasploitable 3 (Windows) using Metasploit framework

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  • This unit focuses on penetration testing, and the main objective is to perform penetration testing on Metasploitable 3 to exploit vulnerabilities and to escalate privileges to administrator rights or higher. The primary purpose of this unit is to exploit Metasploitable 3 by taking reference from existing exploit books, trying to find new ways of exploitation with the help of CVE. By using the Metasploit Framework, vulnerabilities can be found and can be remediated by putting new security controls in place to protect the system. While there are several ways to do penetration testing, Metasploit is brought to use because of its widespread uses and simplicity. After the execution of proposed research, anyone can try and feel confident to use Metasploit Framework on the system of their choice on which security issues can be tested and improved.

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