Statistical prediction of the vitrifiability and glass stability of multi-component cryoprotective agent solutions.

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  • Long-term biologic storage of articular cartilage has proven elusive due to cellular degradation over time or acute damage during attempts at cryopreservation. Vitrification is one option that may result in successful cryopreservation but difficulty with cryoprotective agent (CPA) toxicity at high concentrations of a single cryoprotectant has hindered development of successful protocols. This study was designed to determine the vitrifiability and glass stability of solutions containing combinations of commonly used CPAs and to document CPA interactions that occur. One hundred and sixty-four multi-CPA combination solutions of 6–9 M were evaluated for vitrifiability and glass stability using direct visualization after immersion in liquid nitrogen for 30 min and upon warming. Binary and ordinal logistic regression analysis was used to statistically analyze each CPA for its ability to vitrify and its effect on glass stability in multi-component CPA solutions. Propylene glycol had the greatest incremental contribution to vitrification while formamide had the least contribution. A threshold was established whereby the ability of a solution to vitrify could be determined by calculation. Glass stability was not as clearly defined due to variability in the results; however, contributions of interactions between CPAs to the glass stability of solutions were determined. This study provided values that predict if a solution will vitrify. Furthermore, the glass stability of solutions containing multiple CPAs do not behave as linear additions of binary solutions and interactions between CPAs have a significant effect on the glass stability of these solutions. These variables should be considered when designing vitrification solutions.

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    • Andrew D.H. Weiss, J. Fraser Forbes, Alex Scheuerman, Garson K. Law, Janet A.W. Elliott, Locksley E. McGann, Nadr M. Jomha, Statistical prediction of the vitrifiability and glass stability of multi-component cryoprotective agent solutions, Cryobiology, Volume 61, Issue 1, August 2010, Pages 123-127, ISSN 0011-2240, (