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Beneath the Flesh

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  • The motivation behind my research is my mother's Multiple Sclerosis; she has had this disease since 2009 which has affected her mental and physical state of being. Living with a person who has MS changes the way you perceive what it means to be present. They are never again perceived as they once lived, but are rather fragments of who they were. Through my second hand experience of the disease, my research attempts to understand how she perceives mortality. The sublime experience of working in a meat deli and physically engaging with raw animal flesh, allowed me to make the connection to my mother's ambivalence towards life. My subjective approach to understanding her condition and my personal relationship with her is represented through the meat cooler. The meat cooler represents my existential understanding of being, and the possibility of becoming fragments of ourselves. Meat becomes a contemplation of ones flesh, it reveals how vulnerable we are and where we truly fit within our identity. Beneath the Flesh depicts my abstracted understanding of my mother's identity and her perception of living with this disease. // Program of Study: Master of Fine Arts // Faculty/Department: Art and Design // Place of creation: University of Alberta // Award: 2nd Prize, Images of Research Competition 2016

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