Development of Rosette Nanotubes For HIV-1 Therapy

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    Sharma, Kumakshi
  • The development of therapeutics to target dendritic cells (DCs) for the treatment of diseases is of great importance, as these cells are known to play an important role in antigen processing and presentation in the immune system. Herein, we explore the applications of biocompatible, self-assembled rosette nanotubes (RNTs) as a therapeutic agent to deliver a HIV antigen to the DCs. ELDKWA is linear fragment (epitope) present on the ectodomain of HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein 41 complex, which recognizes the galactoceramide receptors on the DC cell surface and lysine (K) acts as a spacer between the peptide ELDKWA and the RNTs. Our strategy is to functionalize the RNTs on the outer surface with the bio-active peptides ELDKWAK, RGDSK and DRGSK. RGD is a cell-adhesion peptide, which may aid in the attachment of the HIV-1 antigen (ELDKWA) to the DC cell surface and DRG is the scrambled version of RGD. The RNTs with the bioactive peptides were co-mixed with fluorescently-labeled RNTs to study the cell uptake of the RNTs.

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    Master of Science
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