Comparison of Deformation and Torque Expression of the Orthos and Orthos Ti Bracket Systems

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  • Orthodontic torque expression is the result of axial rotation of rectangular archwires within a rectangular bracket slot. This study investigates the effect of bracket material on torque expression. Torque exerted by a rotating archwire on each bracket will be measured as well as the relative deformation of each bracket slot. A total of 60 tests were performed where archwires were rotated within a bracket slot to produce torque within a bracket. Thirty Ormco Orthos Ti and 30 Orthos SS were compared to investigate the effect of torque on bracket material. Each bracket was mounted on a six-axis load cell that measured forces and moments in all directions. The archwire was rotated from an initial angle of 0 degree in 3 degrees increments to maximum angle of 51 degrees and then returned to the initial position. An overhead camera took images at each 3 degrees increment. The bracket images were post-processed using a digital image correlation technique to measure the relative deformation of each bracket slot. The maximum torque expressed at 51 degrees was 99.8 Nmm and 93.0 Nmm for Orthos Ti and Orthos SS, respectively. Total plastic deformation measured at 0 degrees post-torquing of the Orthos SS was 0.038 mm compared to 0.013 mm for Orthos Ti. The Orthos Ti brackets plastically deformed less than the Orthos SS brackets after torquing. The Orthos SS bracket plastic deformation was 2.8 times greater than that of Orthos Ti brackets. The Orthos Ti brackets expressed more torque than the stainless steel brackets but exhibited substantial variation.

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    © 2011 Melenka, G.W., Lacoursiere, R.A., Carey, J.P., Nobes, D.S., Heo, G. & Major, P.W. This version of this article is open access and can be downloaded and shared. The original author(s) and source must be cited.
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    • Melenka, Garrett W., Lacoursiere, Ryan A., Carey, Jason P., Nobes, David S., Heo, Giseon, & Major, Paul W. (2011). Comparison of Deformation and Torque Expression of the Orthos and Orthos Ti Bracket Systems. The European Journal of Orthodontics, 36(4), 381-388.
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