CFD Study of the aerodynamic performance of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine in the wake of another turbine

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  • An increased interest in Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs) has been seen recently due to their ability to be placed closer together. Although individual vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) have lower efficiency than horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWTs), they may have a significant advantage when placed on a wind farm. The wake interaction between turbines is one of the main characteristics of flows around multiple wind turbines that affect the performance of VAWTs. This effect has not been thoroughly researched. The capability of CFD to accurately simulate the impact of the wake on the performance of different VAWT is explored in this paper. The effect of the wake on a downstream turbine is quite important as it affects the performance. A configuration of two H-Darieus wind turbines is modeled using RANS equations solved within the commercial tool STAR CCM+. The study of the wake generated by the first wind turbine and its effect on the wind turbine downstream with different distances is the focus of the current research. The space between the two rotors varies from 2.5 to 40 times the turbine's diameter.

    Part of Proceedings of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering International Congress 2022.

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