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Chinese Hospitalized Cardiovascular Patients’ Attitudes Towards Self-Management: A Qualitative Study

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  • Purpose: This study is aiming to investigate cardiovascular patients’ attitudes towards selfmanagement
    during hospitalization in China.
    Patients and Methods: Twenty-nine individuals living with cardiovascular disease from one
    designated Cardiology Department in Hangzhou, China, were recruited through a purposive
    sampling procedure. A qualitative descriptive methodology was used. Semi-structured interviews
    were also used to gain attitudes toward self-management. The interviews were audiorecorded,
    transcribed and analyzed by thematic analysis to develop the results.
    Results: Four themes were identified from the qualitative data: (1): Responsibilities of selfmanagement;
    (2): Reflections on self-management; (3): Acknowledgement of self-management
    support; (4): Challenges in implementing and adherence to self-management.
    Additionally, interview data were also given to illustrate these main themes emerging during
    the analysis. Patients gradually took their responsibilities to manage chronic symptoms.
    During their self-management process, they did reflections to help correct their regiments
    through supportive interactions. Health system responsiveness, health disparities, social
    capital, and cultural setting were the main external factors influencing better self-management
    implementation and adherence.
    Conclusion: This study revealed the hospitalized cardiovascular patients’ attitudes towards
    self-management in China. These findings emphasized the importance of patients’ responsibility,
    reflections, and various social support receiving and pointed out specific external
    factors influencing the health outcomes and their quality of life. This study also proves the
    guide for the policymakers and health system better instructions to develop individually and
    culturally tailored advanced self-management interventions and programs.

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    • Qiu, R., Schick-Makaroff, K., Tang, L., Wang, X., Zhang, Q., Ye, Z. (2020). Chinese hospitalized cardiovascular patients’ attitudes towards self-management: A qualitative study. Patient Preference and Adherence, 14, 287-300. PMID: 32109995