A COBIT based approach for migrating legacy systems to cloud infrastructure

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  • Cloud computing is evolving as a key computing platform for sharing technological resources including infrastructures, software and business applications. Cloud has proven to bring many promising benefits to organizations. As a result, increasing number of companies are migrating legacy applications to cloud infrastructure. To live up to the demands of the new digital transformation economy, organizations must cease relying on outdated software and modernize their core technologies. Enterprises will benefit only when they stop seeing modernization as a one-time project and embrace it as a cycle. But various technical challenges and business risks exist in moving the systems from existing infrastructure to cloud. The complexity and potential risk involved in technology transformation project discourages organizations to pursue the legacy system migration. Failure may sink the entire business; however, Success can lead to strategic benefits. But there is a gap in the availability of a formal framework that could be adopted to envision risks and challenges at the early stages of the project lifecycle. A qualitative study in this area identifies factor that contributes to the organization’s resistance in migrating its systems and analyse if an integrated approach, such as COBIT framework, would serve to influence the factors required for successfully migrating legacy systems to a cloud infrastructure.

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