A Comparative Analysis of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Journals' Metric Performance

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  • Journal metrics and citation counts are frequently used to demonstrate scholarly output and value. The Impact Factors (IFs) from Clarivate Analytics' Journal Citation Reports (JCR) are commonly used as the expected or standard metric to demonstrate journal merit. However, the nature of the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) leads citation counts to be low, thus translating to low IFs. It can be challenging for those publishing in the field of PM&R to demonstrate value when this metric is expected to be high. In December 2016, Elsevier announced their CiteScore metrics. Like Impact Factors, CiteScore is a journal level metric and could be a viable alternative
    for demonstrating the importance of PM&R journals. This comparison explores some major differences between these two metrics and how PM&R journals are represented in them in order to determine whether one metric is more advantageous than the other for those publishing in the field of PM&R. For this analysis, all metric data was extracted from both JCR and CiteScore in April 2017. Only the 2015 JCR and CiteScore reports were considered. Only PM&R categories that explicitly used the term “Rehabilitation” in their title were included in this analysis.

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