Adsorptive air separation behaviour on silver exchanged ETS-10 typed molecular sieves

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    Sarabadan, Somayeh
  • Air Separation is the largest industrial separation process in the world in which air is separated to its primary constituents including, nitrogen, oxygen, and argon. Technical gases are applied in many important industries such as steel industry, chemical processes, oil and gas production, refinery, glass industry, food industry, Electronics and instrument making, and medical applications. Several different silver-exchanged ETS-10 adsorbents were developed. Sorption of nitrogen, oxygen, and argon on adsorbents were studied by performing inverse gas chromatographic and adsorption isotherm measurements. Isotherms data for nitrogen, oxygen, and argon were fitted by Langmuir model very well and values for adsorption capacities and Henry’s selectivities were calculated at 298 K. The proposed data suggests that silver–exchanged ETS-10 exhibits extraordinary behaviour towards adsorption of nitrogen and argon. It is believed that exploiting a single step PSA unit, Ag-ETS-10 is a strong candidate to produce pure nitrogen and high purity oxygen from air.

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    Fall 2011
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    Master of Science
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