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Body as a Home

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  • This piece is dedicated to my friend Nadia Vera, a Mexican dancer, activist and anthropologist who was murdered in the summer of 2015 in Mexico City. She strongly believed in the potential for arts as a medium for social transformation and acted accordingly. My PhD (research and creation) places focus on indigenous rituals, indigenous methodologies and performing art. I created this thesis piece ‚Äì La distancia que nos aproxima - at the Arts Based Research Studio here at the University of Alberta. Here I explore an underscore of jumps & voice, finding a physical and emotional engagement in a resilient/explosive/alive body. In this piece I ask, how can we continue to dance with a missing part of us - with our grief, with our sadness ‚Äì and transform it? How can we continue even more to collaborate, to create a human web of solidarity through art - even if some part of US disappears? This picture was taken by one of my close collaborators (Jenny Abouav) as I was jumping in front of a blue square projection. My body is dissolving into the light, losing its human shape, transformed in an abstract landscape. Multiplied. // Program of Study: PhD // Faculty/Department: Drama // Place of creation: University of Alberta // Award: Honourable Mention Prize, Images of Research Competition 2017

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    Attribution 4.0 International