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Economic Evaluation of Complex Health System Interventions: a Discussion Paper

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  • Complex health system interventions have been defined as those with multiple interacting components and may be described based on the presence of several underlying characteristics: (1) number and difficulty of behaviors required by those delivering or receiving the intervention; (2)
    number of groups or organizational levels targeted by the intervention; (3) number and variability of outcomes; (4) the use of feedback and the degree of flexibility or tailoring of the intervention permitted.
    The discussion paper will provide guidance to those tasked with conducting an economic evaluation of complex health system interventions. The guidance will be an elaboration of existing national guidelines for economic evaluation, and serve as a discussion paper to aid investigators conducting
    economic evaluations of complex health interventions. This discussion paper is intended to be a starting point for health system and policy researchers who wish to understand some of the fundamentals of economic evaluation and its application to complex health system interventions. There may also be relevance for funders of research as well as knowledge users aiming for a deeper understanding of these issues and value of the results of such
    analyses. It is also intended to help health system and policy researchers understand some of the fundamentals of economic evaluation and its application. This paper should not be considered an exhaustive treatise on the subject; it will be updated and revised regularly based on user feedback
    and the changing landscape in evaluation of complex interventions.

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