The many faces of depression in primary care

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  • Depression is a serious global health problem. It creates a huge economic burden on society and on families and has serious and pervasive health impacts on the individual and their families. Specialized psychiatric services are often scarce and thus the bulk of care delivery for depression has fallen to primary care providers, including advanced practice nurses and experienced nurses who work in under-serviced regions. These health professionals require advanced knowledge about the many faces that depression can display. This article reviews some of the faces of depression seen by primary care providers in their practices. Considering depression as a heterogeneous spectrum disorder requires attention to both the details of the clinical presentation, as well as contextual factors. Recommendations around engagement and potential interventions will also be discussed, in terms of the client population as well as for the practitioner who may be isolated by geography or discipline.

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    • Hegadoren KM, Norris C, Lasiuk G, da Silva, DGV, and Chivers-Wilson K. (2009). The many faces of depression in primary care. Texto & Contexto Enfermagen, 18(1), 155-164.