Design, synthesis, and screening of a library of peptidyl bis-boroxoles as low molecular weight receptors for complex oligosaccharides in neutral water: identification of a selective receptor for the tumour marker TF-antigen

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    Pal, Arnab
  • The ability of boronic acids to bind reversibly to simple carbohydrates in neutral water can be exploited to address the problem of cell-surface recognition. Recently, it has been shown that benzoboroxole can complex hexopyranosides under physiological conditions. These hemiboronate units were essential to the design of a small library of welldefined peptidyl-diboroxole receptors for complex oligosaccharides. The library was synthesized using a combinatorial solid-phase approach with the Irori® technology, and it was screened in a biochemical assay for the selective recognition of the T-antigen disaccharide, a cancer-associated cell-surface marker. A few high-affinity receptors of low micromolar IC50 were identified, and their binding behavior in neutral water was characterized using competition experiments and a systematic evaluation of analogues. These results suggest that low molecular weight receptors for biologically relevant glycoconjugates could be made to rival the efficiency of Nature’s carbohydratebinding proteins.

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    Master of Science
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