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Soul Shifting-Write-up

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  • These three items were submitted to fulfill the requirements for an open assignment in the course HuCo 617: Digital Feminisms. They represent my learning in response to three challenges I set for myself:

    Challenge 1: To expand and use digital technology skills, particularly as this is not my forte nor within my academic experience.
    Response 1: Twine software does not employ "programming code" per se, but having never utilised any sort of technology that required "code" in any way, this was a good introduction to the concept of "coding" language and conventions.

    Challenge 2: To increase my understanding of Feminist theory and history.
    Response 2: I also had never taken a Women's Studies course before, and finding myself in a graduate level course that examined technology through feminist critical theory, I knew I would have a steep learning curve. Many of the concepts developed in this project were informed by what I learned from several historical texts which I assigned to myself as "extra-curricular" reading material.

    Challenge 3: As this was an "open" (creatively/intellectually) assignment, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to explore and express my text-based learning in a non-textual medium.
    Response 3: I composed a a piece of music in which I tried to embody many of the key messages of the text upon which I based my project: “Love as a Hermeneutics of Social Change, a Decolonizing Movida” (by Chela Sandoval).

    The resulting rudimentary, interactive game and theme, with an accompanying written description of my experience is what you will find here.

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