Anterior and Middle Cranial Base Growth and Development Changes as Assessed Through CBCT Imaging in Adolescents

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    Afrand, Mona
  • Introduction: In this study three dimensional Cone beam computed tomography is used to evaluate intra-rater, inter-rater and accuracy of selected 3D landmarks of anterior and middle cranial bases. Growth related dimensional changes of anterior and middle cranial base structures are then assessed in adolescents with the use of landmarks. Methods: CBCTs of 10 dry skulls were used to assess reliability and accuracy of landmarks. Secondly, CBCTs of adolescents at two time points (19 months apart) were assessed for dimensional changes due to growth using the landmarks selected in the first step. Results: The majority of proposed 3D landmarks with the exception of lesser wing and foramen Spinosum showed acceptable intra-rater and inter-rater reliability and accuracy. Minor changes were observed in the anterior and middle cranial base structures due to growth. Conclusion: The mid-sagittal area of the anterior cranial base from foramen Caecum to the presphenoid area in the antero-posterior dimension was found to be stable. Minor growth related dimensional changes were observed in the anterior and middle cranial bases in adolescents. The magnitude of the changes were very small and could be reflective of measurement error.

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    Fall 2015
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    Master of Science
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