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Preceptorship and mentorship: not merely a matter of semantics

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  • In academic writing on mentoring and preceptorship there is little consensus on the meaning or characteristics surrounding these terms. The writers of this paper contend that the correct usage of preceptorship and mentorship, which gives credence and respect to the very different concepts embedded in each, is a very important precursor to the evolution of these two concepts in nursing education, both academically and within practical application. Although language is continually changing, lack of clarity robs language of its richness and complexity and interferes with clear thinking about the issues. In professional terms, clarity demands that concepts, around which a body of knowledge is growing, be consistent in their meaning and characteristics. Such clarity between the related educational concepts of mentor(ship) and preceptor(ship) is lacking.

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    • Yonge O , Billay D , Myrick F , Luhanga F. (2007). Preceptorship and mentorship: not merely a matter of semantics. International journal of nursing education scholarship, 4(1), Article 19, 1-13. DOI: 10.2202/1548-923X.1384.