Design and Implementation of an Object Database for Injury Surveillance

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  • Technical report TR97-06. Injury is one of the most under-recognized public health problems. Reduction of injury is more likely to occur if data are available on causative factors, circumstances and populations at risk. This requires timely collection of data, their organization to enable cross-referencing and access, and the dissemination of these data in a way that is useful to health providers and researchers. The Dynamic Injury Data Project (DIDP) addresses these issues as a collaborative effort between the Department of Public Health (Faculty of Medicine and Oral Health), the Department of Computing Science (Faculty of Science) and the Faculty of Business. The objective of the project is to develop a system that will capture and link real-time data from emergency medical services, hospital, police, fire, utilities and administrative sources to facilitate studies in trauma outcomes research, medical quality improvement and injury prevention strategies. There are essentially two components to the system being developed. The Data Collection component utilizes pen-based hand-held computers to be employed by the emergency medical services and hospital personnel to capture the most important patient-related information encompassing all pre-hospital, hospital and rehabilitative care. The Database Server component of the system stores the collected data and allows sophisticated analysis of the data. This technical report deals with the analysis, design and implementation of an object oriented database server for the DIDP. The server provides persistent storage of the data, ensure its integrity, and provide a mechanism for the applications to interact with the data. | TRID-ID TR97-06

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