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Healing hearts

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  • Preparing for a water ceremony we unconsciously are drawn to the water. The ground we stand on is in Flat Bay, a Mi'kmaq community in Western Newfoundland, a place where our ancestors are along side us. Within the silence all that is heard is the crashing of the waves, the seagulls and the beating of the heart; thump, thump. This thumping is more than just a physical action, the same way the movement of the ocean waves is more than just water moving. The feel of the heart as it pumps, the intuitive nature of what makes one feel well and the spiritual connection between the heart of others are a few examples of what often is not included in discussions around heart health. Mi'kmaw women are disproportionately affected by heart disease but the research hopes to change this by exploring what "heart" means to Mikmaw woman in Western Newfoundland. As you cannot see me as photographer of this photo within the research my role as researcher is to support and highlight the beautiful information being shared, as I want the woman to be showcased. I hope that the information collected can be a new dawn in heart health for Mi'kmaw women. Thump,thump.

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