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Support from Thai Male Partners when an Unwanted Pregnancy is Terminated

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  • Thai men who participate in a sexual encounter leading to an unwanted pregnancy typically are not expected to accept responsibility for providing support and care to women who choose pregnancy termination. Twenty-three individuals (6 women and 6 men who were partners, plus six women and five men who did not have a partner) who, either directly or indirectly, experienced an unwanted pregnancy termination, were asked about the type and amount of care men could provide. The study was conducted in two provinces in Southern Thailand. Data were collected using indepth individual interviews, while thematic analysis was used to generate insights. When pregnancy termination was chosen, men demonstrated different types of support for their partner by: assisting with the actual termination procedure; being nearby while the termination was occurring; caring with mutual love and sincerity; expiating for a shared sin; showing and giving basic physical care; or, providing financial support. When men and women both accepted responsibility for terminating an unwanted pregnancy stronger bonding between them was reported. Further, women felt stronger, more able to do the right thing and more liberated from a submissive role. However, some women also felt stigmatized by others who were aware of the termination. Findings suggest that encouraging men to be supportive to women during the process of pregnancy termination enhances reproductive health care and transforms the experience from a women-only framework to one where gender equity among women and men is encouraged.

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    • Warangkana C, Sripichyakan K, Kantaruksa K, Nilmanat K, and O'Brien B. (2010). Support from Thai Male Partners when an Unwanted Pregnancy is Terminated. Pacific Rim International Journal of Nursing Research, 14(3), 249-261.