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Examining Tools, Processes & Resources to Promote Communication and Teamwork in the Perioperative Setting

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  • In the Canadian context, CPSI has undertaken the goal of accelerating the pace and dissemination of patient safety improvements by developing a national strategy on patient safety. The purpose of this report was to provide a review of findings from the literature regarding tools and resources that support effective communication and teamwork in the perioperative setting as a key focus in delivering safe surgical care to patients and families.

    The report provides recommendations for standardizing handover process arising from the literature include: engage frontline staff during the development and implementation of the handover processes, address local context, ensure simple and easy to use process. TeamSTEPPS Canada™ provides a structured framework to support teamwork and implementation of patient safety initiatives. Support and creation of patient safety leadership training and infrastructure are crucial for successful implementation and sustainability of any standardized process.

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