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Diving into Science

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  • Dramatized self portrait of myself working late in a medical research lab, diving into our liquid chromatography cabinet. Liquid chromatography units are often used to purify enzymes and bioactive molecules for medical research throughout the university. I purify proteins and enzymes to screen for potential novel marine bioactive immunosupressant compounds. Our collaborators dive off the coast of Papua New Guinea and British Colombia, where they collect marine organisms such as marine bacteria and sponges. Marine organisms have been exploring molecular space for millions of years and produce multitude of complex molecules that may act as potential drugs. This image also portrays the hard work of University of Alberta researchers that work long hours through day and night. As my supervisor always said, ‘more research hours may not guarantee success, but it sure does even the odds'. // Program of Study: PhD // Faculty/Department: Biochemistry // Place of creation: 334 Medical Sciences Building, University of Alberta

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    Attribution 4.0 International