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Form priming by discontinuous consonant letter strings in visual masked priming

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  • We report on a visual masked priming study that tests whether English verbs are primed by their consonant graphemes in isolation (e.g. whether grw primes GROW) and whether priming for such prime-target pairs differs for regular versus irregular verbs (e.g. walk/ed vs. grow/grew, respectively). We hypothesized that constituent consonant strings would facilitate target recognition based on previous work exploring subset priming [5]. We further hypothesized that the added consistency of consonants over vowels in the morphological paradigms of irregular verbs would increase priming on the basis of related findings in the processing of Semitic languages (though such consonant strings may constitute morphemes in those languages; see [8]). We found that, while all verbs were primed by their constituent consonant strings, the size of the facilitation effect did not differ between regular and irregular verbs.

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