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  • You are looking into the depths of a
    colorful ensemble of a limb being
    formed. All these millions of cells are
    striving every day to help you move
    the way you do. This image is the
    snapshot of an ongoing limb
    developmental process where stemcells
    give rise to cartilage cells that go
    through a series of developmental
    events to eventually form a layered
    organized structure known as the
    growth plate (red and green
    fluorescence). Cells in the distal end of
    the growth plate convert into an
    actively dividing state (red) before
    differentiating into large
    “hypertrophic” cells (green) which
    eventually form the bone. Numerous
    other simultaneous processes are
    working in parallel to make this
    possible. Any disruption in this highly
    complex mechanism, such as a genetic
    alteration can lead to various skeletal
    disorders ranging from a general
    reduction in skeletal size to early fetal
    death. Survivors will experience
    challenging mobility issues with limited
    therapeutic options due to a lack of
    understanding of the etiology of such
    hereditary skeletal disorders. My work
    focuses on exploring the gene
    regulatory network of bone
    development which will contribute to
    effective skeletal abnormality
    treatments that will give hope to all
    those families who are being

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