The Logical Design of a Multimedia Database for a News-on-Demand Application

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  • Technical report TR94-16. We describe the design of a multimedia database for a distributed news-on-demand multimedia information system. News-on-demand is an application that utilizes broadband network services to deliver news articles to subscribers in the form of multimedia documents. Different news providers insert articles into the database, which is then accessed by remote users over a broadband network. Multimedia documents are composite objects where the component objects have spatial and temporal relationships which need to be captured in the database. Modeling of multimedia documents involves three issues: (1) modeling of individual document components (i.e., monomedia objects such as text, images, etc), (2) modeling of the document structure, and (3) modeling of the presentation structure. We take an object- oriented approach to dealing with these issues. Within (1), our research has so far concentrated on text. We use an annotation based scheme where entire text is stored as a single document and the formatting mark-ups are represented as annotations on the text. To model the structure of multimedia news documents, we follow the SGML/HyTime international standard by designing a document type declaration (DTD) for multimedia news articles. We build an object oriented model of multimedia news documents based on this DTD. Finally, we model the presentational aspects (e.g., fonts, number of columns, playing of audio and video) as objects and store them in the database. | TRID-ID TR94-16

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