Research Support Requirements of CHLA/ABSC Members

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  • Purpose: A national survey will be administered electronically to health information professionals to identify the extent to which they would like to undertake research, their barriers to their undertaking research activities, and the supports that they would require to be able to successfully conduct research. Methods: The survey, which will include a variety of question types (Checklists, Likert Scale, Open Ended, etc.), will be delivered electronically to members of CHLA/ABSC. The results will be tallied. Open ended questions will be analyzed for themes related to barriers and desired supports. Follow-up one-on-one conversations, focus group discussions and/or large group discussions (possibly at the CHLA/ABSC annual meeting) will be used to clarify and prioritize a list of desired research supports. This project will receive ethics approval from a Canadian academic institution. Outcomes: Outcomes of the survey will be ready for presentation at the CHLA/ABSC Conference in Edmonton in 2017. Planned outcomes include a list of barriers to research and a list of desired supports. Where geography, type of work environment or level of education are elements of the kind of support, results will be subsorted by those characteristics. Conclusions: This study will supply a clearer picture of the barriers to research activities and the research support requirement of health information professionals in Canada. This information will provide the Canadian health library community with an opportunity to move forward with developing targeted and effective research supports.

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