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Semantic vector model on the Indonesian prefixes PE- and PEN-

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  • Indonesian has two prefixes which express a range of semantic functions (e.g. agent, instrument, patient). One prefix, PEN-, has six allomorphs (peng-, peny-, pe-, pen-, pem-, penge-). A second prefix, PE-, is described as having similar form and meaning as pe-. In this study, we used computational models of distributional semantics to clarify whether PE- and PEN- have discriminable semantics. The cosine similarity measure was used to evaluate to what extent the semantic vectors of pairs of words are similar in meaning. We found that the semantic similarities within the PEN- words are higher than between PE- and PEN- words. Additionally, nouns with PE- are more similar to their base words compared to nouns with PEN-. Furthermore, semantics similarity rating results, on a 5-point Likert scale, gathered from native speakers of Indonesian are in agreement with model predictions.

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